Friday, November 11, 2016

The Big Reveal

Yesterday, we got some updated pictures and a video of our girl from our in-country coordinator. The previous information we had was from six months ago, so it was great to get. According to the updated measurements, it sounds like she weighs the same as Jonas but might be a couple of inches taller than him right now! And thankfully it looks like they're letting her hair grow out a bit.

We are down to less than 200 pieces left in our puzzle fundraiser, which we're going to end on November 30 so that we can request the funds in time for the fees due at the Travel Approval step. So we thought it might be fun to reveal our girl's picture and name along with finishing our fundraiser.

Here's the deal: For every piece purchased from here on out, we'll reveal a red square. Underneath is a picture of our girl, along with her name! So once the puzzle is done, you'll be able to see her and know what she'll be called. I even revealed two pieces already to start things out.

If you're just dying to see her or know her name, but you've already purchased a piece, nobody will stop you from buying another! You could request something other than your name to be written on it if desired, such as "Go Irish!" or "Love from Michigan," or whatever you want. :)

I know that not everyone's on Facebook, so I'll try to update the picture reveal on here every few days as well. Also, did you know that 1000 piece puzzles don't necessarily have exactly 1000 pieces? I think ours has about 1028!

Below is a picture from today of what's done so far. We're at $8435 of our $10,000 goal. The white pieces on the table are purchased; I just haven't been able to put them in yet. I think I need to wait until all of the white ones are there, and then I can try each one by one. Doesn't that sound like fun?!

Anyway, have fun with this. Let's get this puzzle done, so I can hang it in her room before she comes home!  Click here for our fundraising page. Thanks everyone!

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