Tuesday, December 13, 2016

If Only...

If only the Fuzhou orphanage director...
...would answer my WeChat messages and let us know if we can video chat with Johanna again soon.
...would confirm that Johanna received her package with our photo book.
...would answer the rest of our 10 questions from the care package (we only got updated measurements).
...would randomly send us pictures of Johanna.
...would give me the contact information of her foster family.

If only China...
...would issue Travel Approval (TA) before our 12/20 Article 5 pickup (not possible) so that we could finally book flights.
...would quickly issue TA after that Article 5 pickup (by 12/23 would be nice).
...would quickly give us our first choice Consulate Appointment after getting TA.

If only...
...the passport office would issue Jonas's US passport in time for us to get his Chinese visa before we travel (they screwed up big time and now we are in a major time crunch).
...flight prices wouldn't keep going up as we wait for TA.
...we had a definitive idea if we'd be having a 1/8 or 1/15 Adoption Day.
...I had the guts to book flights now (we're not supposed to before TA) so we could save lots of money and I could stop obsessing over flight routes and prices.

If only Johanna...
...was looking at her photo book regularly and learning to recognize us.
...didn't have to spend another birthday without a family.
...knew we were coming for her soon!

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