Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Common Questions

Here are some questions I've been asked (several times) since Johanna's been home, so I thought I'd put the answers here for everyone...

Question: "How's she adjusting?"

Answer: See the blog post coming soon about our two months together!

Question: "How do you pronounce Johanna?"

Answer: Actually, I don't usually get asked this one. I'd prefer if people asked! People often just say it wrong, especially at doctors' offices! It's correctly pronounced like Joe-Hannah. The "han" part rhymes with "man," not "tron." I do understand that mix-up. However, when she gets called Joanna, Joanne, or Johnna, I'm at a loss.

Question: "Are they (Jonas and Johanna) twins?"

Answer: "No, they are five days apart."
That answer really throws people. I kind of enjoy the confused looks and reactions! They really look nothing alike, folks. I get that they're both Asian, but come on!

Question: "Are they from China?"

Answer: "Nope, she is, but he's from Kyrgyzstan."
Enter the confused looks again. Understandable, as I had never heard of Kyrgyzstan either. But believe it or not, not every Asian adopted kid is from China!

Question: "So do you have any kids of your own?"

Answer: "Well, they are my own!"
Yes, I was actually asked this the other day. I gave the answer above with a smile on my face, and the lady immediately backpedaled and there were no hard feelings on either side, but geez. I get that it's just ignorance about adoption-friendly language, but it still stings. These kids are 100% "my own." I didn't take it personally and chose to see it as an opportunity to educate her, saying next, "I have no biological children" (not that it was any of her business anyway). Terminology matters sometimes, folks.

Question: "Will you adopt again?"

Answer: "Do you want to give me $35,000?"
It's hard to see all those kids in the orphanages and not want to bring them all home, but I think we're done. Our family feels complete. Our home feels full. Our finances feel drained! Our little family of four is just fine. I mean, unless you want to actually give us $35,000... :)

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