Monday, January 16, 2017

A Day of Ups and Downs

Our fruit budget has just doubled.
This girl can keep up with our watermelon monster!

Well, Johanna Wanyue Keys is officially ours! This morning we were taken around Nanchang to various appointments at the provincial office, the notary's office, and the police station for document signing, picture taking, and other paperwork. We now possess an official adoption certificate!

We are very glad that Jonas stayed back at the hotel with Morgan, where he got to go swimming for over two hours. He would have been very bored (and hard to control) at the appointments. Johanna did okay, though there were a few times she tried to run away and find Lady Fu or our guide. Mostly she just sat quietly, but she had one screaming and crying tantrum to let us know that all was not good in the world.

The elusive non-coat moment!
Johanna is definitely still struggling at times. The coat only came off one time today, at lunch when our guide convinced her to take it off. Otherwise, that and the three shirts and three pairs of pants have not budged! We're trying not to push it, as we know it's all she has and the only connection to her previous life and especially her foster mother. But it's killing me to let all the cute outfits I brought go to waste-haha! At least she let me put a bow in her hair today! Thankfully she is a very tidy eater and fully potty trained (even at night), so nothing is gross or smelly (yet!).

Jumping on the bed got some giggles!
Johanna had another meltdown before falling asleep for a nap. To be fair, after she fell asleep, Jonas had a meltdown of his own and then fell asleep too. After the nap, all was pretty good. We played some games, jumped on the bed, played with playdough, ran around outside playing tag, ate dinner in the lounge again, and then she and Jonas watched Despicable Me before going to bed pretty easily.

Our hands are literally full now!
Jonas continues to do really well with his sister. He's very understanding when she won't share certain things with him, he tolerates her crying and tries to give her hugs, and he loves being the expert and showing her how to do things or where to go. He definitely is a bit more needy as far as wanting to be held here in China with his sister around, but that's understandable. It's definitely a challenge to give both kids equal attention.

So we're having some challenging moments, but we're also having some really good ones. I think each day is going to get a little bit better than the one before. And some day she'll wear something different...we hope!

Our little family...we're getting there!

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